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Cardone is one of the world’s premier manufacturers and Re-manufacturers. These two major product lines are defined as the famous remanufactured auto parts brand called A1 Cardone and the selection of brand new auto parts from Cardone Select. Since day one, remanufacturing auto parts (the renewal of worn parts back to new or better performance), has been the core of Cardone’s business.

A1 Cardone products are the highest quality remanufactured parts in the automotive aftermarket because they don’t just replace broken components. They completely disassemble every worn part, also known as a “core”, and thoroughly clean and inspect every component. Through reverse engineering, they pinpoint original equipment design weaknesses through examining common wear areas to incorporate fixes into the remanufacturing process as needed to produce reliable products.

The same reverse-engineering experience that comes from the remanufacturing process is the foundation of Cardone Select’s premium, all-new auto parts. Since they’ve seen where and why the original parts typically fail, Cardone’s engineers include improvements into the Cardone Select new product designs. Cardone Select products are literally “built better from the start”.

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